Bachelor Degree courses

The Bachelor Degree Course in International Business Administration provides students with a solid grounding in the fields of economics, finance, and corporate management. Relying on an effective combination of traditional lecturing and lab-oriented/seminar activities, the Course conveys sound methodological tools and core knowledge for key business activities. It adopts an integrated systems approach to strategic analysis for business administration and prepares the student for further study and specialization as well as for immediate rewarding career opportunities.

The Bachelor Degree Course in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication enables students to acquire both theoretical and practical competencies in the field of user-oriented digital applications planning. They learn to devise interactive solutions (digital applications, web sites, et cetera), applicable to different contexts. The Course follows a multidisciplinary approach, oriented towards the users' point of view, throughout all the various stages of digital applications- planning. These phases include: needs-identification of specific target users, creation of an application prototype, assessment of user-friendliness, and a promotional phase using digital channels. Students who follow this curriculum will acquire an extensive and integrated knowledge of the main social research techniques and methodologies used to assess users' needs (interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, interactive workshops, et cetera) and will learn to analyze the relevance of available digital technologies - both the “mobile” ones and those linked to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data - for different categories of users. Acquisition of this knowledge represents the real added value of this specific curriculum.