Meysam Sarsharjeryandeh

Meysam Sarsharjeryandeh

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Università degli studi Link Campus University - Roma

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Meysam Sarshar is an Associate Professor of Clinical Microbiology at Link Campus International University of Rome. He graduated from Sapienza University of Rome, where he obtained his PhD (2014-2018) and completed a post-doctoral fellowship (2018-2020) in Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, and Public Health. He was subsequently funded as the Coordinator and Principal Investigator of a Starting Grant project by the Italian Ministry of Health (2020 to 2023) and has collaborated as a research fellow at Research Laboratories, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome, focusing on medical technologies and tools (including genetic tools and biomarkers) for prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of pediatric patients.

He has been qualified in the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN 2018/2020) as an Associate Professor in the field of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology (06/A3 SSD MED/07).

Within the realm of "Antimicrobials and Host-Pathogen Interactions," his research investigates the role of microbial metabolites and signaling molecules in the communication between microbes and human host cells in both healthy and diseased states (i.e., human and bacterial derived microRNAs). His research group is dedicated to exploring the antibiotic resistome, antimicrobial strategies in the post-antibiotic era, and their interactions with hosts. His research endeavors have garnered him memberships on the Scientific Boards of two COST Actions: CA21145 (European Network for the diagnosis and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections) and CA20110 (RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control).

He also collaborates on various national and international joint projects, collaborating on research involving human-derived advanced cell cultures such as organoids to enhance understanding microbial pathogens associated with intestinal and pulmonary infections at organoid Lab, Sapienza University of Rome. He also studies virulence factors in Shigella flexneri at Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Switzerland, explores potential adhesion inhibitors against Uropathogenic Escherichia coli at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, and researches on skin infection models using in vitro 2D and 3D cell cultures at Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

In addition, he serves on the Editorial Boards of BMC Microbiology and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases journals and is involved as a Guest Editor and Reviewer board for several scientific journals.

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