Rosamaria D'Amore

Rosamaria D'Amore

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Università degli studi Link Campus University - Roma

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Rosamaria D'Amore is Associate Professor of Economic Policy and International Economics and Globalization at Link Campus International University Rome.

She graduated in Business Administration from the University of Salerno (2000), where she also obtained a PhD in Public Sector Economics, accompanied by the award for the best doctoral thesis in the sector (2009).

Although academically linked to Salerno, she conducted study and research experiences at renowned institutes in Italy (National Research Council) and abroad, including the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of the University of Sussex (2008).

In 2018 she obtained the Italian certificate of qualification as Associate Professor in Applied Economics. Her previous assignments have seen her engaged in teaching selected topics relating to the disciplinary domains of Economics, Political Economy, Econometrics and Business Economics.

She is a member of the management and evaluation committees of scientific journals and editorial series. She is the author of essays and monographs on extremely topical issues in economics, finance and applied economics. She regularly publishes articles in leading academic journals.

Currently, her research interests include the relationships between human capital, innovation and economic growth. She works in all of these areas and part of her interest is in how to enable smart and innovation-driven growth to be inclusive and sustainable.

Since the beginning of her academic career, she supervised  several graduates, who today operate in various sectors.

Outside the academic world, she is engaged as a member of assessment units in aspects of economics and finance at public and private entities. Since 2016 she has been a member of the board  of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Nocera Inferiore.

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