Third Mission

The Third Mission of the University, concerns all the activities related to the scientific, technological and cultural transfer and to the productive transformation of knowledge, through which the University interfaces with the civil society and the entrepreneurial fabric, with the aim of promoting the economic, social and cultural growth of the national territory.

Therefore, the third mission promotes:

  • cultural and educational activities aimed at the growth of the territory;
  • the policies promoting a model of "open university" to the society, the territory and the social, economic and productive organizations through the transfer and transformation of knowledge;
  • the valorization of ideas developed by the students, the researchers, and the teaching staff of the University, that have an entrepreneurial value, by connecting them with the market of reference;
  • the encouragement of the connection with the productive world, enhancing the activities of scientific, technological and cultural transfer and promoting the birth of startups and spin-offs, the possible filing of patents and the creation of collaborative work opportunities;
  • the orientation and accompaniment of the student population to the world of work, enhancing the qualification of pre- and post-graduate professional profiles and encouraging relationships with companies;

effective communication of projects and activities of scientific-technological-cultural transfer and public engagement carried out by the students, the researchers, and the teaching staff of the University.From an operational point of view, the third mission activities can be traced to the following macrocategories to be monitored annually through the Single Annual Third Mission and Social Impact Form (SUA-TM/IS form):