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(PTE Exam + Speakout)
(solo PTE Exam)
PTE Level A1 - A1 CEFR 2 FULL ON LINE € 185,00 € 415,00 € 645,00 € 74,00 -  50 Ore
PTE Level 1 - A2 CEFR 2 FULL ON LINE € 220,00 1 € 450,00 € 680,00 € 78,00 € 30,00  50 Ore
PTE Level 2 - B1 CEFR 2 FULL ON LINE € 230,00 1 € 460,00 € 690,00 € 85,00 € 30,00  50 Ore
PTE Level 3 - B2 CEFR 3 FULL ON LINE € 340,00 1 € 570,00 € 800,00 € 150,00 € 30,00  75 Ore
PTE Level 4 - C1 CEFR 3 FULL ON LINE € 350,00 1 € 580,00 € 810,00 € 160,00 € 30,00  75 Ore
PTE Level 5 - C2 CEFR 3 FULL ON LINE € 360,00 € 590,00 € 820,00 € 180,00 -  75 Ore

* Only for students enrolled in the course.
1 The Readiness Test is is included in the price.

Pearson Test of English (PTE / PEIC)

PTE (as of April 2021 also known as PEIC, Pearson English International Certificate) is an internationally recognized exam, specifically designed to align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), with gradual approach, to avoid sudden jumps in level. Each candidate can purchase and choose to take the individual exam corresponding to a specific CEFR level. All levels are recognized on a global scale and are accepted by employers and educational authorities in several countries as proof of language proficiency. In Italy the exam is recognized by the MIUR and can be used for competitions.
For the levels A2 to C1, the certifying body is adopting a new tool, the Readiness Test, an adaptive test through which the students will be able to:

  • assess their initial level of preparation;
  • carry out targeted exercises to fill in the educational gaps;
  • check their progress step by step by taking additional specific tests.

Thanks to this tool, the student will be able to assess their preparation for the exam.

PTE - Level A1 Foundation (A1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Elementary Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3
PTE - Level 1 (A2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Pre.intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3 + Readiness Test4
PTE - Level 2 (B1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3 + Readiness Test4
PTE - Level 3 (B2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Upper Intermediate Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3 + Readiness Test4
PTE - Level 4 (C1 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Advanced Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3 + Readiness Test4
PTE - Level 5 (C2 CEFR) PTE Exam1
Speakout Advanced Plus Etext2 + MyEnglish Lab3

1PTE Exam: The exam consists in a written test and an oral part, in which the number of activities varies according to the level.
2Speakout Etext: manual in electronic format available on the online platform, for the various exam levels (duration, 12 months).
3MyEnglish Lab: online platform with 12 units of consolidation exercises, 4 review units and activities with BBC videos.
4Readiness Test: online test - on the exam level chosen by the candidate - that verifies the level of preparation achieved.

Credits Recognized: 2 CFU*

Level A1
Level A2
Level B1
Level B2
Level C1
Level C2

The cost incurred by users for the course includes:

  • Course materials;
  • The exam.

The candidate has 12 months to take the exam from the time of purchase and has one chance to pass the exam.

Only for health reasons, evidenced by a medical certificate, will Pearson give the candidate the opportunity to take the exam at the next scheduled session.

The deadline for the registration for the exam session is 2 months prior to the date of the written exam.
The deadline, after which cancellation of the exam reservation is not possible, is 20 days prior to the date of the written exam. If the candidate decides to cancel the exam session after the deadline date, he/she will lose the exam and will have to pay again to re-take it, and will have to pay for a cost that will vary according to the level. (see attached price list).

In case a student registers for an exam and does not take it, he/she will have to pay again the cost of the exam only.

Exams and Products availability update - 31/01/2020

Brochure PTE

*The CFU related to the certifications published on the institutional portal and obtained in the University will be recognized and acquired in the student's career following the presentation of a request to the office in charge of Student Administration and after an evaluation of the conformity of the request to the national and University regulations in force.