Primary housing

The staff of the University will select a series of primary housing solutions (such as hotels, bed & breakfast, boarding schools), so as to give the students the opportunity to look more carefully for a stable housing solution. The service is available all year round, even for the families of the students.

The selection of the housing solutions is constantly updated. The listings are complete with detailed description of type of accomodation, cost and contact of the landlord. Although this is not strictly a real estate brokerage service, the students will be personally supported in their search for a housing solution.

Neighbourhood services

Upon students' request, the staff of the University will select a series of services of all types available in the vicinity of the campus (such as for example garages, copy centers, stationery stores, bookbinderies, libraries, restaurants, fast foods, pizzerias, postal services, and banking services.


For information:

Tel: +39 06 3400 6083

Tel: +39 06 3400 6011