School of Advanced Training for the Professions Related to Accounting, Business Valuation and Auditing

L18 (Degree Class in Economic Sciences and Business Management)
L33 (Degree Class in Economic Sciences)
LM56 (Master's Degree Class in Economic Sciences)
LM77 (Master's Degree Class in Economic Sciences and Business Management) as well as corresponding titles from previous orders
and/or qualifications attained abroad and recognised as suitable under the current regulation
Prof. Armando Papa
Prof. Rosa Palladino
180 hours, including the activities of frontal instruction (in blended modality), workshops, exercises and simulations
In presence, at Link Campus University - Via del Casale di S. Pio V, 44 - Rome, and in live streaming,
with the possibility to access the lessons in asynchonous modality. The course is implemented through the GoMeeting platform
9 September- 11 November 2023
€ 2.500


The Course is intended as a reference point for those aiming to improve and/or consolidate their economic-financial knowledge for the purpose of undertaking a professional career as accounting expert, chartered accountant, legal auditor, Advisor or Internal Auditor.

Learning objectives 

The purpose of the course is to train motivated and knowleadgable professionals through a rigorous learning pathway, aimed at enabling the candidates to pursue a  professional career as Accounting Expert, Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor, Advisor or Internal Auditor. In particular, the course aims to clarify, deepen and enrich the fundamental and specific knowledge required to face at best the challenges posed by the professional activity, developing a solid and complete multidisciplinary preparation in the field of economics and business administration, in tune with the competitive political and legislative dynamics characterizing the current professional landscape. The training activities are entrusted to qualified academic professors with international experience, leading experts in the field, for the purpose of granting high scientific, technical and professional standards.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the Course, the candidates must have attained a Degree under the systems previous to D.M. 509/99 or a Bachelor's Degree/Master's Degree under D.M. 509/99 and D.M. 270/04.

Subject SSD Hours
Accounting and Budgeting SECS-P/07 8
Corporate Governance and Extraordinary Operations SECS-P/07 8
National and International Accounting Policies SECS-P/07 8
Balance Sheet Analysis, Business Valuation SECS-P/07 + SECS-P/08 8
Auditing and Accounting Certification SECS-P/07 8
Advanced Corporate Finance SECS-S/09 4
Financial Mathematics and Derivative Instruments  SECS-S/06 4
Advanced Business Law and Principles of Civil Procedural Law

IUS/04 +

Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency Proceedings IUS/04 8
Advanced Tax Law IUS/12 8
Advanced Labour and Security Law IUS/07 8
Advanced Administrative Law and Local Authority IUS/10 8
Corporate Criminal Law, Financial Crime and Tax Litigation IUS/17 + IUS/12 8
Workshop - Business Planning, Sustainability and Innovation SECS-P/08 28
Workshop - Professional Tecnique and Professional Ethics SECS-P/07 + SECS-P/08 24
Workshop - Advanced Taxation (Completion of the 730 Module, Modello Unico, Assessment, Appeal) IUS/12 24
Orientation for the State Exam and Professional Practical Simulations   8
TOTAL   180

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