Desiree Sabatini

Desiree Sabatini

Link Campus University - Roma

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Desirée Sabatini is associate professor of Performing Arts at the DAMS Course (Disciplines of Figurative Arts, Music, Entertainment and Fashion), Link Campus University. At Link Campus University she was a research fellow for the project “L’audiovisivo teatrale. Documentazione e identificazione di metodologie di restauro dello spettacolo digitale". In 2007, she attained the Doctorate in History, Theory and Technique of Theater and Performing Arts (Scienze Digitali dello Spettacolo) at the University of Rome, where between 2012 and 2015 she became research fellow for the European Eclap project "European Library of Artistic Performance" and for the project: “Tecnologie e metodologie di analisi e restauro dello spettacolo digitale”. 

Her academic interests are the following: use of digital technology for history of theatre and, in particular, the interaction between scientific and technological researchs and studies on theatre, through a meticulous use of audiovisual sources; editing, publishing and animation of theatrical audiovisuals with research and didactic purposes; the realization of digital archives for theatrical use; the digital restoration of historical audiovisual documents.

The research on the documentary heritage of theatre related to the project of restoration for theatrical audiovisual material, is structured as an analysis of the various sectors of theatrical audiovisual documentation and on the methodologies adopted for the preservation of the video-theatrical heritage.

A parallel field of reasearch regard the theoretical, historical and methodological issues related to the direction and staging of a live preformance in non-conventional spaces (specifically, in places of culture, for an anlysis of the new forms of contemporary theatre as a driver for the cultural heritage.

Currently, she is a technical member of the commissione per i contributi allo Spettacolo dal Vivo; and of the commissione per i contributi per interventi regionali per lo sviluppo del Cinema e dell'Audiovisivo: digitalizzazione e restauro di film e audiovisivi. Direzione: cultura, politiche giovanili e Lazio creativo, Regione Lazio.

She is an expert for visual education at school within the framework of the Piano Nazionale Cinema e Immagini per la Scuola promoted by the Ministry of Education - Direzione Generale per lo Studente, l’Inclusione e l’Orientamento scolastico e dal Ministero della Cultura - Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo e finalizzato alla promozione della didattica del linguaggio cinematografico e audiovisivo.

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