Silvia Cristofori

Associate Professor

Link Campus University - Rome

Course Catalogue

Silvia Cristofori (Ph.D.) is associate professor at Link Campus University, where she teaches Media and Religion (MSTO/07) and Religions, Identities, and Politics (MSTO/07). She is a member of the national infrastructure of research for historical-religious studies (Fscire, Bologna). He carried out archival and territorial research in Rwanda, Senegal, Italy, France and United States. 
Her research activities include political-religious movements in the history of modern and contemporary Africa, with particular reference to the colonial contexts. Currentluy, she studies history of Christianity in Nigeria, from the Aladura movement to the spread of the gospel of prosperity, analyzing its connection to secret cults and mafia-like criminal organizations .

The professor is available to receive the students at the end of the lessons. However, the students may also request an appointment by email.