Stefania Capogna

Associate Professor

Coordinator of the Master's Degree Course in Technologies and Languages of Communication

Link Campus University - Rome

Course Catalogue

Expert of distance learning, and educational, communicational and formative learning. Philosophical Counselor (Sicof) and Accredited Guidance Counselor (SIO), licensed by PerformanSe. Phd in Social and organizational systems, and analysis of public policies (2004).
Coordinator of the Master's Degree Course in Language and Communication Technologies (LM59)
Founder and director of the Research centre Digital Technologies, Education & Society and the magazines Quaderni di Comunità. Persone, Educazione e Welfare nella societò 5.0, Eurilink University Press, Rome.
Winner of the Award ROMEI 2019; Honorary Professor of ;. Kozybayev Notrh Kazakhstan State University, 2019.
Her research activity is mainly focused on three thematic cores: The education system intended as an integrated macro-system (school-education-labour-transitions); the digital revolution and its influence on people, organizations and communities; the Quality Assurance Systems in the educational field. The common thread of the aforementioned areas of expertise os represented by the centrality of the individual.
She participates to various research groups on a national and international level, even within the framework of transnational cooperation projects (DECODEECOLHERE-EDUCODIG4LIFE).

ANVUR Counselor, expert in the evaluation of teaching and the University. She coordinares the following courses:

  • Social Innovation & Transformation Design, LM59  - Innovation and Digital Communication
  • Sociology of Language, LM59 - Innovation and Digital Communication
  • Sociology of Media and Communication, L20 - Innovative Technologies for digital communication
  • Culture and Media, - Degree Course in DAMS (L3)
  • Business Communication & Advertising - LM77 Business Management

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The professor is available to receive the students at the end of the lessons. However, the students may also request an appointment by email.