Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication - L20

The Bachelor's Degree in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication allows to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to engineer interactive solutions (digital applications, websites, etc.) for different fields of application. In a society where people interact through an increasing number of digital applications and different technologies, it is necessary to provide services that focus on the needs of those who will use them, in order to offer a truly useful and innovative service.

Students may personalize their learning pathway according to their interests and career ambitions by choosing between two curricular orientations Innovation and Digital and Videogames.

Method of attendance

  • Frontal lessons: frontal lessons in mini-classes of maximum 25 students, to be carried out at the Rome branch.
  • Live streaming: the students may attend to the educational activities from their own devices, regardless of their location.

The recordings of all activities implemented through the live streaming method are also available at a later date, as a complement to the student's training.


Innovation and digital

The Innovation and Digital pathway, provides a user-oriented learning experience, focused on all the planning stages related to the realization of digital applications. Said phases include: the identification of the needs of specific target users, the creation of the application prototype, the evaluation of its usability, the launch onto the market through different digital channels. 

The highlight of this degree course is the construction of an integrated vision of what it means to make innovation, starting from a careful analysis of the users' needs (through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, interactive workshops, etc..) and an in-depth knowledge of the many digital technologies available today (not only mobile but also, for example, related to the world of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data).

Career opportunities

Innovation strategist

This professional figure analyzes what is already on the market, defining what users really need and identifying, based on these elements, the best interactive experience.

User experience designer

This professional figure realizes prototyopes of the digital application, defines its functionality and organization, creates the graphic and visual elements and validates these aspects with potential end users.

Social media manager

This professional figure analyzes the most suitable communication methods for the digital application created, identifying the channels through which it will reach the target users. In particular, it defines the use of social channels within a broader communication strategy.


Realized in collaboration with VIGAMUS Academy

The Videogames learning pathway is the first and only degree course dedicated to the realization of videogames in Italy. Its aim is to provide an overview of the gaming industry and the necessary skills to pursue a career in this constantly growing sector.

The course's approach to training is based on the philosophy of learn to do, whose aim is to provide a solid theoretical basis, which, at the same time, is usable to complete what is professionally required in the gaming industry. The study path is enriched by curricular internships and experimental workshops.

The curriculum of the Videogames educational pathway ranges from the most technical and creative aspects related to game development (game design, concept art and art direction, 3D modeling and animation, programming, sound design and audio post production, interactive storytelling, etc.) to those related to the fields of business and public relations  (game publishing, marketing, communication, press office and PR management, journalism and video game criticism, product management, etc.).

This course of study is the result of the combined effort of an excellent teaching staff, selected among great professionals operating at the highest levels of the game industry in Italy and abroad.


Career opportunities 

Game developer

The professional figure in charge of the development activity of an interactive work, either within a team, at outsourcing companies or as a freelancer.

Communications Operator

This is a professional figure capable of managing the corporate storytelling of a video game company and effectively communicating with the various press contacts of the companies in the sector (from indie studios to the triple A majors).

Publishing/marketing operator

This sector employs many professionals involved at various levels in the process of contracting, publishing, selling, distributing and promoting video game products of all kinds and in all formats (home console, personal computer, mobile). This professional figure deals with various aspects of publishing, such as marketing operations with distributors and physical and digital retailers (Steam, GOG, App Store, Play Store, etc.).

Event manager 

This professional figure deals with the conception and implementation of national and international events related to the production and publication of video games, both in presence and online.

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