Law - LMG01

The aim of the Single Cycle Degree Course in Law is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills required to be competitive in the Italian and International labour market, and to address the challenge posed by the new technologies.

The students may customize their learning experience according to their interests and career ambitions, by choosing one of the following learning pathways:

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Science of the State, Public Administrations and Sports System

Method of attendance

  • Frontal lessons: frontal lessons in mini-classes of maximum 25 students, to be carried out at the Rome branch.
  • Live streaming: the students may attend to the educational activities from their own devices, regardless of their location.

The recordings of all activities implemented through the live streaming method are also available at a later date, as a complement to the student's training.


  • Agreement with the Bar Association of Rome for the anticipation of a semester of forensic practice
  • Agreements for curricular and extracurricular internships with national societies and law firms
  • Agreements with law firms for the implementation of forensic practice


International and Comparative Law

The aim of this course is to provide the students with highly specialized knowledge and skills required to address the challenge posed by the dissolution of the boundaries and the globalization.

The acquisition of specific skills in the new areas of knowledge appears to be an unavoidable necessity, both for those who aspire to hold positions of responsibility within public administrations or private companies, and for aspiring legal professionals such as judges, lawyers or notaries.

The students will have the opportunity to carry out in-depth studies thanks to thematic or seminar lectures and laboratory activities.

Career opportunities

The graduate in Law with specialization in international and comparative law will work as a professional in legal disciplines, as a manager or officer of companies or public administrations, in working environments of international scope, in Italy and abroad.

Science of the State, Public Administrations and Sports System

The Science of the State, Public Administrations and Sports System learning pathway provides the students with specialized skills in legal subjects, especially focusing on the world of sport in the economic and social spheres. 

The educational offer of the course is the result of a  continuous dialogue between traditional knowledge and new disciplines, is original and innovative. In addition to traditional legal training, the course includes thematic lectures, seminars and laboratories, project work and simulations held by experts in the field.

The degree course was realized in collaboration with IDEMS, the training and research center of Link Campus University created to train and qualify professionals and managers in the area of sports law and management.

Career opportunities


  • Notaries and lawyers who carry out consultancy and research activities within forensic structures and structures that are more specifically federal or sports-related
  • Employees or consultants in companies presenting a high degree of interaction with the world of sport, as part of economic activities in the sector
  • Attorneys and sports agents in sports law


  • Employees or managers in offices (including legislative offices) of public agencies for the development and care of sports
  • In the structures of the Office for Sport
  • In international relations with bodies and institutions that have jurisdiction over sports: European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
  • In sports bodies and other entities operating in the sports sector

Optional Groups:

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