Labour Consultancy and Human Resources Management (LM56)

The Master's Degree in Labour Consultancy and Human Resources Management is a concrete response to the recurrent demand for professional figures who are already familiar with the tools, rules and systems related to the promotion and management of the labour market, with particular attention to the function of employment consulting and the promotion of activation measures, as well as to human resource management and workfare.

This learning pathway provides knowledge in management and promotion of the labor market, contracts and policies. It also provides the fundamental skills needed to take the State exam for the practice of the profession of employment consultant and other professional activities related to the workfare system, human resources management and job promotion.

Method of attendance

  • Frontal lessons: frontal lessons in mini-classes of maximum 25 students, to be carried out at the Rome branch.
  • Live streaming: the students may attend to the educational activities from their own devices, regardless of their location.

The recordings of all activities implemented through the live streaming method are also available at a later date, as a complement to the student's training.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities for the students who attain a Master's Degree in Labour Consultancy and Human Resources Management are the following:

  • employment consultancy
  • employment services
  • accredited employment services
  • training institutions
  • private companies
  • representation organizations
  • bilateral bodiesinterprofessional funds
  • social promotion system
  • third sector organizations

Optional Groups:

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